Funded research Projects

Telmo Pievani carries out his research activities in the fields of epistemology of the life sciences, history of biological thought and philosophy of biology, with special emphasis on the foundations of the theory of evolution. In this regard, he has developed multiple International contacts over time and is currently a member of networks and groups of researchers, both Italian and international, dealing with philosophy of biology and theory of evolution.

  • He is a founding member and coordinator of the international research group “Hierarchy Theory of Evolution,” directed by Prof. Niles Eldredge at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
  • September 2022-today, he is the national co-Director of Spoke 7 (“Biodiversity and Society: Communication, education and social impact”; total funding of €32 million) of the NBFC-National Biodiversity Future Centre (PNRR funds - National Center 5)
  • April 2015-April 2017, he has been PI of the national research project for the dissemination of scientific culture entitled “Extinction. An exhibition, a genetic database and research on collections of extinct and endangered vertebrates in Italian natural history museums,” funded by Law 6-2000 for the dissemination of scientific culture.
  • October 2013-March 2016, he has been co-leader, together with Niles Eldredge, of the International research project “The Hierarchy Group. Approaching complex systems in evolution,” funded by the John Templeton Foundation, at the Department of Biology, University of Padua;
  • Research Projects of National Interest (PRIN), co-funding 2007: admitted to co-funding as National Coordinator of the project entitled “The adaptive behavior of biological systems and the scientific method: the role of formal and material models, functional explanations, disciplinary approaches and unification” (Scientific-disciplinary field M-FIL/02 - Logic and Philosophy of Science)
  • As part of the Teachers’ Board of the Doctoral Program in “Education and Communication Sciences” at the University of Milan Bicocca, he supervised the creation and discussion of eight doctoral theses.
  • Since 2012-2013, he has been afferent to the Board of Lecturers of the Doctoral Program in “Evolutionary Biology” at the Department of Biology, University of Padua.
  • Since 2023, it is also afferent to the National Doctorate on Biodiversity, established by the NBFC-National Biodiversity Future Center


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