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Tingis magazine reviews "Imperfection"

In the magazine Tingis Anouar Majid writes a review of Imperfection, the American edition of Imperfezione.


“Living with Our Natural Imperfections”

Telmo Pievani at UNE Center for Global Humanities held the lecture “Living with Our Natural Imperfections”, based on his book Imperfection (2022)


“Imperfection: A Natural History” Book Presentation at Italian Institute of Culture

How life on our planet is a catalog of imperfections, errors, alternatives, and anomalies: February 22, 2023, 6PM


Professor David P. Barash reviews "Imperfection"

"Imperfection",the American edition of Imperfezione, has just been released in the United States by MIT PressDavid P. Barash, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Washingtonreviewed it Oct. 25 for the Wall Street Journal.


Around the world in the Anthropocene


Each stage of the journey, in a hot air balloon, in eight episodes is accompanied by a series of maps of the places crossed and a scientific in-depth sheet. The book alternates three languages and levels of reading that dialogue with each other: the narrative dimension of the imaginary journey, the scientific dimension of the physical and human geography of the world in the Anthropocene, the cartographic language, with all its charge of intuitive visualization.

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