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Plastic, the material that God did not create

The history of the product that is polluting the seas through its Nobel Prize-winning inventor


On the trail of the ancestors

 "On the trail of the ancestors" is structured in ten interviews with as many ancestors of humanity: each opens with an identikit of the species presented and is accompanied by illustrations and in-depth boxes. The book closes with a glossary and two maps, one that summarizes the great bush of human evolution, the other that shows the points where our ancestors were found.

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Land in sight!

From October 2018 to August 2019 the last series of the radio broadcast "Terra in vista! (Land in sight) Science and technology explained to my son" with Telmo Pievani and Federico Taddia on Radio24"




On September 29th 2017 at MUDEC in Milan will be inaugurated the new exhibition "HOMO SAPIENS. The new stories of human evolution"


Il maschio è inutile

The useless male

In his new book, written in collaboration with Federico Taddia, Telmo Pievani ironically describes the role (evolutionary) of the male.

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