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Il maschio è inutile

The useless male

In his new book, written in collaboration with Federico Taddia, Telmo Pievani ironically describes the role (evolutionary) of the male.

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Padova, Botanical Garden

Visit the new Garden of Biodiversity in Padua! And the exhibition “FACES. The many facets of human history” (until June 2015).



Stories of catastrophes and other opportunities

Saturday, July 16 2016 will be inaugurated at MUSE Museum in Trento the new exhibition "Extinctions. Stories of catastrophes and other opportunities


Hierarchy Group

The website of Hierarchy Group, for a multilevel approach to evolution.

News in publications

  • Humans’ Place in Geophysics: Understanding the Vertigo of Deep Time, in M. Wyss & S. Peppoloni, eds, Geoethics.
  • Ethical challenges and case studies in Earth Sciences, Elsevier, Amsterdam-Oxford, pp. 57-67.