Pulp Times. Immagini del tempo nel cinema d’oggi

Pulp Times

Images of time in today's cinema

T. Pievani, 2003, Meltemi Editore, Rome (with Fulvio Carmagnola); in particular, third part (“Persistent Illusions: Figures of Time between Cinema and Science”).

Homo sapiens e altre catastrofi. Per un’archeologia della globalizzazione

Homo sapiens and other catastrophes

For an archaeology of globalization

T. Pievani, 2002, Meltemi Editore, Roma, preface by N. Eldredge.

The Management of Uniqueness

The Management of Uniqueness

T. Pievani, 1999, Guerini e Associati, Milano (with Giuseppe Varchetta); in particular, second chapter (“The Organization as a Learning Network”).

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