“Imperfection: A Natural History” Book Presentation at Italian Institute of Culture

How life on our planet is a catalog of imperfections, errors, alternatives, and anomalies: February 22, 2023, 6PM

 A discussion of “imperfection A Natural History”, (MIT Press,2022) – translated by Michael Gerard Kenyon from the original by Telmo Pievani, will be held at the Italian Institute of Culture on February 22 at 6 PM.

In this book, Pievani argues that life on our planet has flourished and survived not because of its perfection but despite (and perhaps because of) its imperfection. Anomalies and asymmetries caused planets to take shape from the bubbling void and sent light into darkness. Life on earth is a catalog of accidents, alternatives, and errors that turned out to work quite well.

Telmo Pievani is Full Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Padua, where he covers the first Italian chair of Philosophy of Biological Sciences since 2015. After Ph.D. researches in USA, he has been Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Milan Bicocca (2001-2012). Past President (2017-2019) of the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology, he is Fellow of several academic Institutions and scientific societies.

The author will be in conversation with:

Fabio Finotti, IIC-NY Director

Alessandro Melis, IDC Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor at the School of Architecture and Design (New York Institute of Technology)

Ian Tattersall, Curator emeritus in the Division of Anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History, NY

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, NY


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News “Imperfection: A Natural History” Book Presentation at Italian Institute of Culture