Professor David P. Barash reviews "Imperfection"

"Imperfection",the American edition of Imperfezione, has just been released in the United States by MIT PressDavid P. Barash, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Washingtonreviewed it Oct. 25 for the Wall Street Journal.

‘Imperfection,” by Telmo Pievani, begins as it should, with the big bang: “In the beginning, there was imperfection. A rebellion against the established order, with no witnesses, in the heart of the darkest of nights. Something in the symmetry broke down 13.82 billion years ago.” And it ends on a suitably ambiguous note: “There is something amazing in evolution . . . which in 3.5 billion years has taken us from an amoeba to Donald Trump.”

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News Professor David P. Barash reviews "Imperfection"