Current Researches

Telmo Pievani’s current main research interests are in the field of philosophy of evolutionary biology:

  • Philosophy of Biology;
  • History of ideas in biological thought;
  • The Structure of Evolutionary Theory;
  • Gradualism, adaptationism, reductionism, pluralism;
  • Punctuated Equilibria Theory;
  • Hierarchy Theory of Evolution;
  • Multilevel selection;
  • The concept of exaptation;
  • Structuralism and functionalism in biology;
  • Charles Darwin's work and logic of discovery: the Transmutation Notebooks 1836-1844
  • Darwin's Heritage in XX and XXI Centuries;
  • Stephen J. Gould’s work and heritage;
  • Philosophy of epigenetics;
  • Nature and nurture problem;
  • Human evolution (hominin phylogeny);
  • The communication of science in evolutionary fields;
  • Science and society in life sciences.

2012-today: member of the Ph.D. programme in Evolutionary Biology at the Department of Biology, University of Padua.

Research Current Researches